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Artist statement

My work explores the human form as an expression of the internal and external self. My work falls into two interconnected categories. The first, a fusion of three-dimensional form and two dimensional figurative imagery. The second, an exploration of positive and negative body space. Both bodies of work portray my relationship with the world and its people, while reflecting internally. I aim to depict the psyche of a figure and the simultaneous need to display and conceal emotions from the world.
    Via figurative sculpture and imagery, I am conveyed through a stranger's face. Making these figures allows me to bare my soul, while inviting the viewer to find their own experience or ideas in the piece. I work almost exclusively with the female form. It is not because I dislike the male form, merely that I resonate more with depictions of my own body. Consequently, many of the stories or symbols that I use as inspiration represent women.
    My second body of work is concerned with our relationship to the external self; the emotions/armor we display/erect to shield ourselves from the world. For me, skin and clothing represent the physical barrier between the emotional self and the external world. I have long been fascinated by the human affinity for covering the body. Whether that be in clothing, paint, ink or armor, each is used as a buffer between the internal and external. Often these buffers express the personal self as well as protect it. I draw a great deal of inspiration from this relationship and wish to convey through my wearable sculpture the same sort of emotional and physical protection.


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